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Get Project on eBilling and Invoice System

Here is the Full Project on eBilling and Invoice System in Visual Basic 6 with Synopsis, Project Report and Source Code at Free of Cost .

About eBilling and Invoice System :

The client uses MS Excel, and maintains their product list, customer list, and prints the invoice, however it is not possible them to share the data from multiple system in multi – user environment, there is lot of duplicate work, and chance of mistake. When the product price are changed they need to update each and every excel file. There is no option to find and print previous saved invoice.There is no security; any body can access any report and sensitive data, also no reports to find out the sales volume, stock list, and summary report.

This eBilling and invoicing system is used to overcome the entire problem which they are facing currently, and making complete automatization of manual billing and invoicing system .

Hardware Requirements :

Processor : X86 Compatible processor with 1.7 GHz Clock speed
RAM : 512 MB or more
Hard disk : 20 GB or more
Monitor : VGA/SVGA
Keyboard : 104 Keys
Mouse : 2 buttons/ 3 buttons

Software Requirements :

Operating System : Windows 2000/XP
Front end : Visual Basic 6.0
Back end : MS ACCESS

Download Full Project on eBilling and Invoice System

Conclusion and Future Enhancement :

This project was developed to fulfill user and business requirement; however there are lots of scope to improve the performance of the eBilling and Invoice System in the area of user interface, database performance, and query processing time etc.

So there are many things for future enhancement of this project. The future enhancements that are possible in the project are as follows.

1 – Linking and integration of any legacy system for accounting.

2 – Integration with travel agent through Web Services .

3 – Connection to third-party OLAP Applications .

4 – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system between banks, other credit verification agency and their vendors

5 – In the area of data security and system security.

6 – Provide more online tips and help.

7 – To optimize the query which is embedded in the system.


  1. give me one problem sir, i am develope in own project in INVOICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM,i have codeing and documentation,frent end is ASP.NET and backend is MS ACCESS IN SQL SERVER, PLEASE HELP ME SIR

  2. Good job.

  3. i am not able to run this project in visual basic an (not registered error is apperaring)
    plz help me out from this…asap

  4. please send me the code of this project

  5. the project is not open. Sir what should i do to open this project?

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