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Full Project on Crime File System with Source Code

Get Project on Crime File System in Visual Basic 6.0 with Full project report and Source Code at Free of Cost .

About Crime File System Project :

Crime File System is a system used to report crimes. This project will be done using VB 6.0 as front end, and MS Access as back end. It can used to report crime. This project is mainly useful for police stations. This system will help to manage all the activities in a police station using computers. Currently all the works are done manually, by computerizing all the activities inside a police station can be managed easily and effectively.

System Configuration

Hardware Requirements :

Processor : X86 Compatible processor with 1.7 GHz Clock speed
RAM : 512 MB or more
Hard disk : 20 GB or more
Monitor : VGA/SVGA
Keyboard : 104 Keys
Mouse : 2 buttons/ 3 buttons

Software Requirements :

Operating System : Windows 2000/XP
Front end : Visual Basic 6.0
Back end : MS ACCESS

Download Project on Crime File System with Report and Source Code

Future  Enhancement 

1 – We can update this system as online application
2 – The main advantage of online application is that, a person can report the crime any time from anywhere.
3 – Users can view the progress of their complaint online.
4 – By the future technology user can view the case details and progress of the complaints on their mobile phones
5 – Face recognition technology can apply. User or witness of the crime can give the physical information of the thief.


CRIME FILE SYSTEM initiates the objective of providing the user with customized and powerful complaint registration and process management system side software. The software is built with all options such as complaint registration, prisoner’s registration, and postmortem report generation etc…All the requirements specified during the analysis and design phase are fully met, thus resulting in the formation of good software. The interface provided is very user friendly and flexible for all times.


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    Download Project on Crime File System with Report and Source Code

  2. Plz provide Me ER DIAGRAM for crime file system

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  4. i need the source code of Online Crime Investigation System Project in Java
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  6. It helps to manage all the activities in a police station using computers.

  7. The project titled as Crime File Management System is a software application developed using VB.NET and SQL Server.

  8. can you send me the documentation of integrated crime management system ??

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